TV Typewriter Cover Unit location?

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Thanks Chuck.  I assume being over 40 years it's unlikely we'll ever see these keytops in the wild.  Although I said that about TVT boards and then a set showed up on ebay and slipped by me for $40.  :)  

Here's another shot of the keyboard in the original article:

Rereading the parts list here:

I caught something I didn't before -- Don says 'any reasonable callout'.  If I'm understanding what a callout is, that's the actual marking that tells you what that key is.  Based on that, maybe Mechanical Enterprises didn't offer a standard set of keys, but rather custom keytops that could have whatever you asked for on them?  If that's the case, then as long as I could find someone to produce the correctish dimensions of those keytops, and could figure out from the bad photos what each key had on it, I could potentially replicate that and be able to say that's what the hobbyist did back in the day more or less.

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Brad, I'm going to say that it will be impossible to identify the keyboard used from a photo.  The issue is that all sorts of computer equipment used gray key bodies with white letters.

For example, here's a Control DD60 console display unit:

GRI (George Risk Industries) probably made a jillion gray-keyed keyboards for various manufacturers.  IBM used gray keys, Univac used gray keys, CDC used gray's pretty much impossible to say.


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