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    > From: Henk Gooijen

    > yes, please take a nice picture of it! ... The higher the resolution
    > the better!

OK, I scanned it (I prefer scanning to pictures, as there is almost
inevitably distortion when using a lens), at 300 dpi. The whole thing
wouldn't fit in my A3 scanner, but I got the majority of it, and the part
that's not shown is just the plain two-colour band.

Available here:

and I've also added it to my 'PDP-11 resources page', here:

Also, I have recently scanned in the front indictor panel for the 11/55 and
11/70 (the later one, with the blue/blue colour scheme), and those can be
found on that page too, along with drawings of the basic 40-45-70 panel 
the on/off switch, etc, locations differ) and the basic 45-50-55 panel (with
on/off switch and selector switch holes added); those have also been added 
that page.

I'd like to encourage people with other front panels (I myself am
particularly interested in those for the 11/45, RF11, RK11-C and RP11-C) to
scan them too, for people who are interested in doing reproductions. I can
host the images, for people who don't have that capability.



Nice scan Noell.
I will probably download everything ... in my experience, websites
with "/~xxxx/" in it seem to disappear after "some" time :-/

I have probably all PDP-11 models (except the PDP-11/50), but I
don't think a scanner can carry the weight of a fully filled H960 :-)
And no, I am not going to disassemble just for a scan.

I could take pictures, but as you say, edges will warp a little.

- Henk, PA8PDP 

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