TV Typewriter Cover Unit location?

Tue Oct 13 01:11:52 CDT 2015

unique  keys? I am not  sure of that  Unless he   lettered in  CTL
looked  like  weird Mohawk data sciences  keys   or  something....  I have 
seen  this  type of  keyboard   before...  or  some other  place in a  scrap 
 environment  post 1799.....  Ed Sharpe archivist  for SMECC 
In a message dated 10/12/2015 10:01:15 P.M. US Mountain Standard Tim,  
unclefalter at writes:

Hey  there,

I'm currently working on a replica of Don Lancaster's  prototype TV
Typewriter (pic  here:
ujf.jpg.html?o=0  )  and I was wondering - does anyone know where the unit
that appeared  on the cover (with the more refined keyboard) ended up?  I've
asked  around, including Don and nobody seems to know where it got  to.

I'm also wondering if anyone knows a source that might have  the keytops 
unit used or something close (I understand they were made  by Mechanical
Enterprises).  I've enough parts here to build two or  three TVTs and I
thought after I get the prototype replica done I might go  for the cover
unit, esp. if it no longer exists anymore.  But I  understand those keytops
were kind of a one off deal for that  article.



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