Source for 3M Bumpons

Ali cctalk at
Tue Oct 13 01:34:04 CDT 2015

> Do they have to be 3M?  i.e., Do you see anything close here?


If I skip the 3M portion requirement the I and have found replacements for
reasonable price and quantity here:

I am not sure if it is a patent issue or what but the 3M parts are much less
tapered. Specifically while both the 3M and the clones had a 0.81"x0.81"
base the top of the feet are much smaller on the clones. The 3M parts are
0.563"x0.563"while the clones are 0.400"x0.400". The original parts had the
0.563" top base measurement.

If I cannot find the 3M in reasonable quantity then I will go with the clone
close match.


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