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Hi Mouse - Yes  we  know that  545 scope and have one in  storage to be  
If  you can get it to  we guarantee  it  will be   loved  and perch in the 
display with the  display of the   scope.
Many Thanks in advance - 
Ed Sharpe archivist  for SMECC   _www.smecc.org_ (http://www.smecc.org/)  

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TYPE 535 AND  545" (those are quotes from the front cover) which says it
"applies to  standard Type 535 Oscilloscopes having serial numbers
between 6045 and  7552, to rack-mounted Type 535 Oscilloscopes having
serial numbers 4048 and  4072, to standard Type 545 Oscilloscopes having
serial numbers between 5946  and 7400, and to rack-mounted Type 545
Oscilloscopes having serial numbers  between 1740 and 1775".  (I suspect
there is a "between" missing  before "4048".)  It is a small 45-page
booklet and is definitely a  user's manual; it is not a repair document,
not even what tony calls a  boardswapper guide.

It apparently got wet at some point in its history;  the first and last
few pages are stained green, presumably from the covers  (which are
green).  (Not stained to the point of  illegibility.)

I do not have any device it applies to, do not really  expect to, and am
inclined to doubt I would need it even if I did, so I  would cheerfully
pass it along to someone who actually wants it.  It's  currently in
Ottawa (Ontario, Canada); I could pop it in the post easily  enough.


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