VT52s, VT61s lots of DEC and DG keyboards- return trip through Maine, MA, NY, PA, OH, IN to IL

Nigel Williams nw at retrocomputingtasmania.com
Tue Oct 13 00:20:14 CDT 2015

Thanks Jos, Tony and Rod - you've neatly highlighted why I found the
screen printer so curious and fascinating, an oddball feature in the
terminal world and seemingly a simple mechanism to render the screen.

If anyone with access to one has the interest and time I'd appreciate
pictures and any additional detail of how it works; if you can make
one print, pictures of what it can produce would be great too.

It has always struck me that VT52 screen printer has never been fully
described or experienced, and I don't know of any other display
devices that had it built-in (I'm ignoring later devices like the Sony
screen-printers that rendered to thermal paper etc.)

Some years ago I expended some effort and scoured the internet for a
picture of the output and I vaguely recall I found a single image, but
it appears I filed it too well and now can't find it.

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