VAX in action

Jason Howe jason at
Mon Oct 12 13:55:43 CDT 2015

I was just speaking with a guy who works in the physics department at 
work (A large State University) .  He was looking for a 68pin SCSI card 
for some purpose, which I was able to find for him in my pile-o-stuff.

It turns out he's trying to revive one of their VMS machines which 
didn't come back after a power outage a couple weeks ago.   Then I learn 
that they're still using a VAX to run their freakin' particle 
accelerator, I asked if I could see that stuff in action.  So, I'm going 
to go over for a tour sometime in the next couple weeks.  :)

He also mentioned that they're starting to transition off the old DEC 
hardware -- this is also my chance to be sure it doesn't just end up in 
the bin.


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