FW: NitrOS-9 6809 L1 v3.3.0 has just been born on the Multicomp09!

Kip Koon computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Mon Oct 12 01:34:58 CDT 2015

Hi Guys,

I wanted to give you guys an update on the latest progress on the
Multicomp09.  Neal Crook has just completed modifying the boot process in
NitrOS-9 6809 L1 v3.3.0 and it is now booting flawlessly on the Multicomp09!

I have updated my Multicomp09 with Neal's latest VHDL code and also with the
latest Multi-software environment as well.  I'm proud to announce that I too
now have NitrOS-9 6809 L1 v3.3.0 running on my Multicomp09 as well!

NitrOS-9 6809 L1 v3.3.0 was just born on the Multicomp09 a day or two ago so
it is by far not fully tested though I'm not expecting any big hiccups at
this point.  Everything I've tried so far has worked fine if I recall
correctly.  I've been up most of the night checking it all out.  :P  

I've changed from the default shell that comes preconfigured with L1 to
Shellplus so now I have my cd command back that I'm so used to using in L2!
Finally I can traverse directories with ease.

I've created a /T2 device for serial port A on the Multicomp PCB.  I
connected putty on my laptop via a USB to serial cable and now I have a
fully usable NitrOS-9 Terminal on my laptop!  It's a 2 User system now.  One
of the next hurdles will be to get the other serial port running.

There are 4 - 720KB virtual floppy drives online with the boot dsk image
file on drive 0 of course and at this point the same image on the other
three virtual floppy drives just to get the system up and running.  With a
fully functional serial port, I'm eager to see about getting Drivewire 4 up
and running though 64KB of ram might be pushing it a bit.  We'll see how
that goes.

I'm going through various commands now to make sure everything works.  

The device descriptor for serial port A, /T2, will need to eventually be
included in the OS9Boot file as /T1.  Some unneeded modules currently exist
like bitbanger stuff which are not needed on the Multicomp09.  Since I have
shelled /T2, I can work on this at my favorite hang out at my favorite table
in Mickey D's!  Cool!  

By the way, are any of you guys on Skype?  We could have a little video
conference on the Multicomp!  :)  Take care my friends.


Kip Koon

computerdoc at sc.rr.com


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