WTB: Compaq Portable 386

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Sun Oct 11 22:49:57 CDT 2015

the Compaq III  is  quite  cool there was also an  add on docking thingie  
too to go  with it. .... IBM also made a ps2  sort of  one with a plasma 
screen on it  too that   was a  box that  closed up on it self.   used to be 
able to find these  in thrift shops  often but these  days  you seldom see 
them. I  got one and used it  for a while until the power supply  quit.  For  
now it will have to remain a static display...  for a while  anyway. 
(schematics or maint. manual anyone!?)
 I  even used to  find   Burroughs   BTOS  desktops  in T shops  but   now  
what I  need  one  for a display here at the museum.... none to be   found! 
Need some to sit in the middle of these photo panel and  some  incredibly 
neat promotional items related to that  computer   Burroughs  had  put  out 
at one  time.
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> I believe that I do have one of these machines, and it's in  good working
> order as of a couple months back. You're looking for a  Portable ///
> correct?
> Are you in the  USA?

Hi Bill, thanks for the follow-up, seeking the updated  variant known as the
Compaq Portable  386.


I'm in  Australia but willing to pay the shipping to get it  here.

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