FS: Cray J932SE system

ethan at 757.org ethan at 757.org
Sun Oct 11 19:24:57 CDT 2015

> That is quite an impressive pile of sgi. Do you have any of the big sgi
> gear around still?

The last of my big SGI was a full rack SGI Origin 2000 (one of my 
favorites!) I posted it for free or something on NekoChan and a local 
person (I was in Virginia Beach at the time) came and picked it up.

Fast forward a few years. I moved to Northern Virginia took a different 
job. Got randomly let go/laid off when the company was aquired (it wasn't 
a bad thing!) Had a few new offers on the table for jobs and the one I 
chose -- the guy that has the old Origin 2000 is now my coworker! He moved 
up this way a year or so ago, and still has it. He was planning to 
Numalink it to his existing full rack Onyx2 IIRC.

He has a Fuel on his desk at work (mostly just for fun) but the power 
supply is dead in it or something. There is a spare Fuel motherboard 
nearby as well.

The Challenge XLs I think I sold pretty cheaply, there was four Challenge 
Ls that I gave away (they were given to me free, so ethically wasn't going 
to sell them!) I had been through 3 deskside Onyxs, I know one is in New 
Mexico still not sure where the others are. Not sure about the two 

I still have an Indigo R3000 probably with Elan, which I bought from 
Reputable Systems years ago. And an Octane dual R12K which was a gift from 
SGI years ago. I was thinking of selling the Indigo as a complete system 
but backed off of it. I opened the door the other day and noticed there 
was a Python dat inside, I can't even remember how that got there? (Those 
have the firmware to read/write audio via SCSI bus.)

The Challenge XL and Onyx racks and even the Origin 2000 -- they're I 
suppose "not made as well" and are fairly lightweight compared to other 
large systems. They're friendly large machines. And they've got cool 
displays of the CPU load on the front. Would recommend if you're going to 
go for large machines!

A few pictures from my an early job of mine as a system admin:

I had a small web hosting thing in VaBeach, early pics of the office 
(Challenge XL and Origin 2000 and stuff were just for fun, didn't run them 
all the time)

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