DEC H7140 (11/44) power supply revisions and general advice?

tony duell ard at
Sun Oct 11 14:26:26 CDT 2015

> Am I missing something? - is there anywhere in that doc that explicitly declares the
> association between the 2-dozen connectors, for example, that Line Supply P1 & P2
> connect to Motherboard J5 & J4, and that Bias and Interface Board J1 & J2 connect
> to Motherboard J7 & J6?

Not that I can see. DEC were not good about providing things like that. Sometimes there
would be a cabling diagram in the maintenance manual as opposed to the printset, but
not always.

I suppose if you have the unit in front of you it is obvious what is plugged into what, but
I would still expect a diagram in the manual.


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