David Gesswein djg at pdp8online.com
Sat Oct 10 21:08:48 CDT 2015

On Mon, Oct 05, 2015 at 09:56:36AM -0600, Joe wrote:
> Just wondering if any one has any experience setting up an ETOS system on a
> PDP-8?
Some. I have it running on my online PDP-8 though am not an expert.

> I've got most of it working, including adding a second terminal, but can't
> for the life of me figure out the process on making a second drive available
> to the users once we are in ETOS timesharing.
> According to the system managers manual, it's a combination of Lookup and
> assign.
Did you get it working? If not are you trying to make another ETOS pack
available or an OS/8 pack?

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