Smalltalk-78 resurrected in a web-browser

Nigel Williams nw at
Fri Oct 9 17:57:03 CDT 2015

A mix of Smalltalk luminaries have resurrected Smalltalk-78 (a port of
Smalltalk-76 to an early 8086 prototype luggable called NoteTaker and it runs
in a modern web-browser using Javascript (even runs on an iPad but
will need changes to support touch).

PDF describing what they did here:

According to this document there is yet to be published Java implementation too.

A 35-minute video presentation:

Smalltalk-78 compliments the Smalltalk-72 Alto emulator from Dan
Ingalls released in 2013, although the link I found doesn't seem to
work anymore:

It almost works, but the display is messed up on Safari/Chrome.

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