MFM Emulator

Al Kossow aek at
Thu Oct 8 14:37:07 CDT 2015

On 10/8/15 11:38 AM, Ian Finder wrote:

> We do not intend to overlap with a big, professional museum like CHM or LCM. Rather think of this as a kind of a maker-space for old systems; There is a lot of interest in Seattle- largely people from the software industry- who would love to code something on a real PDP 11, Symbolics or a Xerox or a 3B2 / BLIT, but aren't equipped to handle care and feeding of these sorts of machines.

Good. There have been false starts for something similar down here for at least five years

The problem is real estate has become insanely expensive here, so it is tough to get traction.

I have a good friend that lived on CH in the 90's, and it sounds like things are getting bad up there

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