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simon simski at
Thu Oct 8 14:35:51 CDT 2015

That sounds like the museum we have at we are a hackerspace 
with a enormous collection of old computers but we are not open at 
regular times. of course making the collection available in an database 
on the web and digitising the documentation is one of our goals (besides 
having fun with those machines. :-) )


On 08-10-15 20:38, Ian Finder wrote:
> That's my pet project at this point.
> We are having some issues with the space so it will probably (hopefully) open as appointment-only early next year.
> The idea is to find trustworthy people who we can give access to the space to so they can see projects thru from end-to-end on these systems- learn the development environments, etc.
> We do not intend to overlap with a big, professional museum like CHM or LCM. Rather think of this as a kind of a maker-space for old systems; There is a lot of interest in Seattle- largely people from the software industry- who would love to code something on a real PDP 11, Symbolics or a Xerox or a 3B2 / BLIT, but aren't equipped to handle care and feeding of these sorts of machines.
> We also hope to set up reasonable networking and remote access for systems where it is possible so that people can continue to write software and reverse engineer things from home, but also visit the machines whenever they need or want to.
> It's a pretty crappy little basement but better than nothing, we will see what happens.
> Perhaps it was premature to spin up the Twitter, we have a ways to go but are slowly making progress.
> Cheers-
> - Ian

Met vriendelijke Groet,

Simon Claessen

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