cctalk Digest, Vol 16, Issue 7

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at
Wed Oct 7 15:00:24 CDT 2015

I used John's routine to write and Chuck's to read an HP 1000 SIMH tape image, and the file diff came out identical, give or take a few end characters that I don't believe are part of the data. So you guys are essentially compatible as expected (16 bit machine it sure is).

From: Chuck Guzis <cclist at>
Subject: Re: Writing SCSI 9-Track Mag Tapes from Windows/DOS
> On 10/06/2015 11:54 AM, Rich Alderson wrote:
> Of course, that's mostly true for those machines restricted to silly
> octets as their native data representation. :->
And one finds odd-byte-sized records not infrequently in big iron--and 
then you have to ask "where do most half-inch 9-track tapes originate?" 
 It ain't from DEC, for sure.

FWIW, my routines don't bother to pad to an even byte boundary.


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