Spare Time Gizmos Life game LED tool

Mark G. Thomas Mark at
Wed Oct 7 07:32:47 CDT 2015

Hi Dave,

On Tue, Oct 06, 2015 at 05:40:14AM +0000, dave at wrote:
> I've acquired an unpopulated board for a Spare Time Gizmos Life
> game. Does anyone here who've made one still have an LED tool you
> don't need that you can pass along.  How about a design file for
> making one myself? I tried asking this on the Spare Time Gizmos list
> and nobody replied.

I do not have an LED tool -- my board came from someone else who had already
done that part.

I just wanted to comment that the voltage regulator and bridge rectifier
run quite hot. If you choose to put it in an enclosed frame, consider a 
TO-3 regulator and screw-mount bridge recifier on an aluminum back-plate.


Mark G. Thomas (Mark at, KC3DRE

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