DEC pdp 11 "R-K ABBR. BOOT P. C. Board"

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Tue Oct 6 11:18:57 CDT 2015

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Subject: DEC pdp 11 "R-K ABBR. BOOT P. C. Board"

What is the purpose of this controller?  It came with a PDP 11/05 system:

Printed on the controller is
R-K ABBR. BOOT P. C. Board 609395 Rev B
802000 Rev

I searched around, found nothing specific  Is this a bootstrap board for an
RK drive?

I am clueless too, but if you want to play Sherlock Holmes,
it should be possible to figure it out.
20 ICs, several will be familiar in use in circuitr for the bus.
I'd first check whether it is intended for UNIBUS (likely) or QBUS.
Given the IC types you can estimate the circuit complexity.
If there are lots of simple gates it is just a puzzle.
The board has good quality machined pins, so after making pictures
and a drawing the location of each IC, you could pull them and
trace every pin, visually and with an Ohm meter. Lots of work, not
difficult, but very time consuming ...
Good for the dark evenings :-)

- Henk

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