Swedish Election Vigil 1968, 1976 and 1982

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 11:33:22 CDT 2015

I just found these on SVT Öppet Arkiv (Open Archive).

Aside from the fact that they are fascinating time documents (cloths,
haircuts, way of speaking), these are a little bit of interest to this
community. I guess that since computers were not very commonplace at that
time, SVT really liked to emphasize how modern they were to actually use

In the 1968 they show a guy that explains that the terminal is connected to
a (IBM) 360/40 computer. Later on the actual machine is shown.

Apparently they replaced IBM by DEC in 1976 since they are showing off two
PDP-11/40 this time.

And in 1982 they put the machines almost on the scene.




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