Dead PET4032

Adrian Graham witchy at
Mon Oct 5 14:30:52 CDT 2015

On 05/10/2015 19:52, "william degnan" <billdegnan at> wrote:

> Look for inconsistencies in voltages and pulses to and from RAM.  You may
> need RAM at the lowest memory locations to boot.  Hooking up the keyboard
> at least to eliminate a missing keyboard as a reason the system does not
> boot, and you can issue commands to search a disk drive even if the display
> is faulty.  At least if you have a IEEE drive attached you can watch for
> the the drive to respond when the 4032 is powered on, for signs of life
> from the computer.

I can try that, though there may be similar bitrot in my drives since
they've not been powered up for 10+ years...

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