Dead PET4032

Adrian Graham witchy at
Mon Oct 5 14:26:33 CDT 2015

> Is UD11 the only empty socket? If there's a chip
> in UD12 I'd remove it in case it's defective or
> has bent pins etc.; it'll be an option ROM of some
> sort.

Done, I'll see if my programmer can read it once my only working windows box
stops updating itself, sheesh.

> Vcc. I would connect the monitor though instead of
> just relying on the buzzer for signs of life; if
> there's any display at all it might give a useful
> clue.

Hm. Nothing at all from the monitor and checking the voltage at 10 + 11 on
the iron lump shows nothing - I didn't check them over the weekend as they
only run the monitor and the other pins seemed ok at 18 and 8VAC.
> I'd also check UD7 for poor contact or bent pins

Had that out earlier and it seems ok.
> Finally, I'd ask on the Vintage Computer Forum;
> even without me (;-) there are some very
> knowledgable PET folks there.

OK :)

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