Calcomp 1039 plotter docs?

simon simski at
Sun Oct 4 02:11:10 CDT 2015

Hi Eric,

Yes, that looks the one we have, and yes it has the three pen holder. I 
found a user guide of the machine, but our left control panel area is 
different than that pictured in the user guide. I took some more picts 
of the pcb's in the machine. I will post them on our site 
later today.
On our machine, the pcb DIL connector from the terminal connector on the 
back was loose inside the machine, and it seems ours is wired for 
current loop, looking at the settings decal on the inside of the 
backplate. How is yours wired? please take a photo of the main pcb with 
al the dip switch settings so we can compare, Besides the side 
positioned jumper switches, there are also some dials and switches in 
other formats on the board. those are also interesting.

I had to put away the calcomp for the time being as we had a fair yesterday.

How many ram chips are on your board. on ours there seems to be two missing.

I'm thinking about a setup to test the socketed 2114 RAM chips based on 
a microcontroller with just a simple good or fault indicator.

On 03-10-15 20:18, Erik Baigar wrote:
> Hi Simon, Hello to the group,
> this weekend I went digging for the Calcomp 1038/1039 manual and
> if your plotter looks like this...
> ...I may have what you need. Drop me a note and I will try to
> scan the schematics next week and load them onto my web
> page. Did you make any progress with the plotter already?
>     Best regards,
>         Erik.
> P.S. My plotter is a 1038 which has been upgraded with the
> PCI/906 interface but it only has got a single pen holder. Does
> your plotter have got three colors?
> On Mon, 21 Sep 2015, Erik Baigar wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> the 1039 is an interesting plotter I have got a 1038/1039 as well:
>> There are two
>> big
>> PCBs inside - one is for the low level functions (essentally driving
>> the servos
>> and
>> drawing lines using TTL implemented Bresenham) the second one contains
>> the
>> computer (68xx based) which is handling the communication.
>> So for simply moving the pens with the arrow buttons, the computer PCB
>> may not
>> be
>> necessary. Have you tried this?
>> The computer PCB controls the LEDs and blinking may well indicate a
>> problem on
>> the computer PCB - I thinke I have got a set of documentation. But
>> unfortunately
>> it is
>> stored away, but surely I can do a search within the next four weeks
>> if there is
>> real interest. I even read out the bipolar PROMs of the processor card
>> for
>> safety
>> some years ago...
>>    Erik, erik at
>>> tony duell <ard at> hat am 20. September 2015 um 20:02
>>> geschrieben:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> we have a 1039 in our space with the user guide, but without any
>>>> service
>>>> docs. Our specimen does not react to buttons except the reset and test
>>>> buttons. the four statusleds light up on a reset and after a second the
>>>> center two leds start blinking in sequence. paper and pens are
>>>> loaded as
>>>> per the user guide.
>>> Silly question... It doesn't happen to use 2114 RAMs does it? If so,
>>> check
>>> and/or
>>> replace them. I've foudn such RAM in printers/plotters from many
>>> manufacturers
>>> and perhaps 90%+ of electronic problems are caused by them.
>>> -tony

Met vriendelijke Groet,

Simon Claessen

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