This is sad...

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Software is a different story because technically it's licensed and not
purchased outright like hardware is ... we can't dispo software ... it all
has to be destroyed ... the licenses are generally non-transferrable...

Getting the software is definitely half the battle! But it's increasingly
possible to do between things that have become more or less abandonware, to
vendors that have had hobbyist programs, to systems that have an implicit
RTU to the OS that follows from hardware ownership ... it depends. Software
preservation is definitely important; I try to save everything that I can
get my hands on, especially operating systems and compilers - the basics!



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> Even the people who do save hardware for collectors tend to dump any
> original software they have, plus many hardware collectors don't bother
> with legit software.
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>       > It's all just money...
> Well, I agree, sometimes the machine is disassmbled in a way that harms the
> components, or vital components are thrown away/re-cycled because 'they
> don't
> seem like they are useful/valuable' (case in point, cables - people save
> the
> boards, and throw away the cables - as a result of which, for many boards,
> we
> have more boards than we need, and no cables).
> On the other hand, if this stuff _wasn't_ worth money, most people would
> just
> re-cycle it, or pitch it. That would be better?
> Noel
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