update on IBM terminals

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Why are these always in the USA? 

I wouldn't have thought there was much gold in a 3174-11R I think there are
only a couple of boards in them. The 3174-11R is normally connected to the
host via SDLC and as such isn't usable "as-is" unless you have a Mainframe
with an HDLC or BiSync cards. I Think it will take a token ring or Ethernet
card and with that it can be connected to Mainframe emulation via TCP/IP.


The terminals are pretty much useless  you have a controller (or Mainframe
with on-board controller, like the one Dave McGuire has I think) to do
anything with the terminals as they have a co-ax port that runs at 1.5MBps
(I think that's the speed) and both the physical (voltages, impedances) and
logical (protocols) interfaces between the terminal and  the controllers is
pretty much undocumented.


With a controller and TCP/IP they can be used onto Hercules or some of the
other Mainframe emulators..

Dave Wade

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> The terminals are models 3472 and 3477.
> The keyboards are Model M.
> The server is a 3174-11R
> He did not give counts.
> Cindy
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