Aresco Newsletters

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Thu Oct 1 12:08:03 CDT 2015

Just ran across this while deleting old posts;
many of the Aresco 'PET Paper's can be found here:

The Midnight Gazette also took over 'The Paper',
to be found here:


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> Hi all,
> Out of curiosity, did anybody on here subscribe
> to any of the newsletters published by a company
> called Aresco back in the late 70s and early
> 80s? These newsletters were VIPER (Cosmac VIP),
> Paper (Commodore PET), Source (Exidy Sorcerer),
> and Rainbow (Apple II). Aresco also published a
> series of books by Tom Swan titled PIPs for
> VIPs.
> I own several issues of VIPER, but I'm still
> looking for copies of the others. Does anybody
> have these newsletters in their collection?
> Matt

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