One more try - Can you ID this S-100 Serial board?

Kip Koon computerdoc at
Thu Oct 1 05:10:15 CDT 2015

Hi drlegendre,
According to the attached datasheet for the GI AY-3-1014A & AY-3-1015D chips on your board, they are 0-30K baud UAR/T chips so you at least have two serial ports.  As to what the rest of the board is, many of the other chips identifications are a bit fuzzy plus one chip is missing and several Resister networks are missing as well.  If I would have to guess, the two 50 pin interfaces might be some type of parallel interface.  With the attached datasheet, you should be able to trace out where the three wires you removed would have to go.  You would of course at a minimum need an RS-232 Transmit Data, Receive Data and Ground.  That would of course not connect any hardware control of any kind.  I hope this is at least enough to get the serial ports working.  Also I would check what look like 4 resistors and 2 capacitors in the brown, burnt area below the two 40 pin chips as their values may be altered from excessive heat.  The rest of the board looks like it may not have been finished as some parts are missing.  The kit idea sounds very plausible.  Thanks for the picture you have provided.  It's much better than I could have done with my cell phone or video camera.  I hope you do eventually figure out the rest of the board.  Take care my friend.  

Kip Koon
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> Subject: One more try - Can you ID this S-100 Serial board?
> (Months along, posts to several boards / lists, still no help on this one..
> so I'm giving it another shot. I'd really like to use this board)
> Been trying to no avail to find any info on this 'MCT' S-100 serial card.
> I'm pretty sure the card works, as it came from a previously-working system
> - but all documents are missing, and without the info, I have no idea how to put it to use. Photos are here:
> Other than what I believe is an artwork / batch number on the rear, the only marking is "Assy 105510" on the front silk screen. My
> hunch is that this may have been a fairly generic 'OEM' type card which could have been re-badged and sold under one or more
> different names. So perhaps the docs exist under a name other than MCT?
> Any help greatly appreciated - thanks!
> -Bill

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