One more try - Can you ID this S-100 Serial board?

tony duell ard at
Thu Oct 1 00:26:25 CDT 2015

> I couldn't spot how they did level shifting to RS232 levels.  The SI
> signal appears to go to a 7400 next to one of the Uarts.

There are a couple of 8 pin ICs near the 10 pin headers, they look to
be 1458 dual op-amps (I can't exactly make out the numbers...). 

Op-amps were often used as RS232 drivers. Give them +/-12V supplies,
feed a TTL signal into one of the inputs, connect the other input to a
voltage between the TTL levels (potential divider from the 5V line) and
apply no negative feedback. The Op-amp output will swing between the
supply rails.


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