HP-85A tape drive conversion

Cory Heisterkamp coryheisterkamp at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 17:23:27 CDT 2015

If the original dimensions can be ascertained, you might try JJ Short. They've done both a Flexowriter power roll and an IBM Executive platen for me with fresh rubber of the correct durometer. It's worth an inquiry, at least - Cory


On Mar 31, 2015, at 4:03 PM, Rik Bos wrote:

> You shouldn't under estimate the force on the capstan.
> I'm also not a fan of shrink tube, the it's to smooth and not durable. 
> I've experimented a lot when figuring out how to make the QUICK40
> modification (after I knew it was possible because Larry Afferton was
> selling QUICK 40 HP-85's). 
> I found the best way to refurbish the rollers was using small rubber sleeves
> and grind them to the right size. The sleeves are glued to the capstan and
> have much more friction than shrink tubes. Which results in less jitter and
> a better and more constant tape transport. The exact measures of the capstan
> can be found at hp9845.net : http://hp9845.net/9845/tutorials/tapedrives/
> -Rik
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>>> So. two questions: What SHOULD the outer diameter of a good capstan
>>> roller be on that drive, and does anyone have other suggestions for
>>> how to make the capstan roller "taller"?
>> I would try gluing an extender piece on the end of the existing capstan
> roller,
>> perhaps using wood which is easy to shape.  Once you wrap it with a piece
> or
>> two of heat shrink tubing, I would think that it would all stay in place.

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