Wanted: PDP-11 Unibus Ethernet interface from Xerox, c. 1981

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From: Noel Chiappa
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> If this is the card I'm thinking of (we got two as part of the Xerox donation
> of Altos, a Dover, etc to MIT, BITD), it's to a 3-MBit Experimental Ethernet,
> not to a 10-MBit Ethernet, and so won't be much use unless you have something
> else with a 3-MBit Ethernet (and of course you'd also need 3-MBit
> transceivers, etc, etc).

I've been given further information from my WAITS advisory team.  This is
indeed the card you're thinking of.  Like MIT and CMU, Stanford got a donation
of a Dover printer, lots of Altos, and the 3Mbit card for the PDP-11.  Stanford
put theirs into SAIL and made WAITS talk to the Ethernet through the front end.

When I went to work at Stanford LOTS in October, 1984, the campus network was
still primarily 3Mbit PUP.  I installed a 10Mbit MEIS into one of our DEC-20s
as part of the beta for the updated monitor code sometime after that.

> And of courset those cards were made in very, very limited numbers; if any
> survive to this day, I will be absolutely astonished.

So will I, but I have to ask.

> If you have a pointer to the PDP-11 code, I can take a look at it and confirm
> if it's a 3-MBit card. (The hardware packet header format is completely
> different from that for a 10-MBit.)

This has only just come up in the last 36 hours, so I don't have my hands on
the code in question yet, but the rest of the evidence says that we don't need
this corroboration.


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