WTB: small QBus backplane, PSU for HP Apollo 735/125

Paul Anderson useddec at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 15:03:10 CDT 2015

Q-bus 4 X 4 or 4 X 9?

I know I have a bunch of 9s, and mabe a few 4s.

I just got more shelves up yesterday and have kids coming over after school
to sort boards. I might take a few days to find those backplanes.

Thanks, Paul

On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 10:14 AM, Toby Thain <toby at telegraphics.com.au>

> Hi,
> Just a random couple of requests -- for a while I've been looking for a
> replacement HP Apollo 735/125 PSU (pic attached). Or alternatively, a
> schematic for this one so I can get an expert to repair it :)
> Also - for testing QBus cards - I'm interested in a small standalone
> backplane that I can power independently. Anyone have something they want
> to get rid of?
> (Pref North America for shipping reasons :)
> Thanks
> --Toby

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