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Mon Mar 30 13:29:33 CDT 2015

No, the original email I got from the owner just said "UK". I have passed the deal on to an active listmember to follow up on, so he will probably post here when he acquires the gear and let us know the details. I'm curious myself!


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Just out of interest, did you hear where it is in the UK?



On 30 March 2015 at 13:53, Jay West <jwest at> wrote:

> FYI - I forgot to post; this deal has been claimed; it was passed on 
> to the first person that replied off-list. Hopefully that person can 
> consummate the deal and will post back to the list to let us know the 
> real scoop on what the guy has.
> Best,
> J
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> I don't think anybody who had worked for DEC would confuse an 11/23 
> with a microvax.
> The reference to RX01's also seems a little odd.
> Testing silicon could be a reference to IC's  or the large crystals 
> drawn from the melt.
> As to being used in house in the UK. Both plants (Ayr and Galway) were 
> F,A and T plants Boards and enclosures came in already built and tested.
> They would plug the systems together to suit the customers configureation.
> If a board failed it would be sent to Hoofdorf in Holland where they 
> had a board level repair facility.
> This was mainly for field service swop outs but they did handle F,A 
> and T failures.
> Rod
> On 26/03/2015 00:46, Mouse wrote:
> >> Yes, I am not quite sure what this machine is either.  [...]
> > I offer for your collective consideration my guess that it's a case 
> > of someone mistaking the label on a panel for the device inside, and 
> > the system, whatever it is, has acquired mixed labeling.
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