John Foust jfoust at
Mon Mar 30 12:23:10 CDT 2015

At 11:47 AM 3/27/2015, Liam Proven wrote:
>On 27 March 2015 at 17:36, Bob Brown <bbrown at> wrote:
>> Does anyone know if a usb --> scsi adapter might allow me to connect an hp 9-track tape drive (7980s) to a computer running windows-7?

Hasn't someone somewhere created an iSCSI stack that would let 
an old PC run Linux and use an old SCSI card (of appropriate
interface) to talk to old hardware, but speak to the 
new PC and new software over the network?

Is the end-goal running 'mt' and 'tar' within Cygwin under Windows?

If the goal requires talking to the Windows machine's filesystem,
aren't there lots of ways to solve that from an old Linux machine?

This topic was covered in July 2014 and December 2012 if you 
check the archives.

- John

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