SGI Indigo2 graphics options

David Williams dave at
Sun Mar 29 17:57:58 CDT 2015

On 29/03/2015 23:53, Jules Richardson wrote:
> On 03/29/2015 05:32 PM, Jules Richardson wrote:
>> For graphics however it has a four-board set; does anyone know what this
>> might be? Wikipedia talks about a three-board set for the Maximum 
>> Impact,
>> and fewer cards for lesser options, but I've not seen mention 
>> anywhere of a
>> machine using four (unless they're just not counting the analog output
>> board as part of the three?)
> Just on the back of that, the board with the 13w3 is actually the 
> second board down. The top board has a DA26F connector and a connector 
> with three rows of 15 pins each. Not a lot of clues on the board as to 
> its purpose, although it does say MGV1 in one corner. Maybe some form 
> of hardware MPEG encoder or capture board?

I think that board is indeed a video capture board. The unusual 
connector is for an IndyCam.

Plenty of info & photos of the Indigo graphics options here...

You should be able to power the machine up without drives or graphics 
options. If no keyboard is detected, all console IO is directed to the 
first serial port.


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