What kind of adhesive for floppy drive?

Pete Turnbull pete at dunnington.plus.com
Fri Mar 27 05:22:40 CDT 2015

On 27/03/2015 02:27, Geoff Oltmans wrote:
> I'm in the process of fixing a floppy drive mechanism. I had to
> replace the heads on the drive with a NOS part and I need to re-glue
> the head carriage assembly to the band that attaches to the head
> stepper motor. The original adhesive is a clear blue glue of some
> sort, I suppose similar to loctite.

It's very unlikely to be cyanoacrylate.  "Clear blue" is typical of 
low-viscosity epoxy, such as used for optical fibre terminations or to 
coat or seal some types of composites.  It's often fairly hard or brittle.

I'm surprised it's glued.  Not just screwed?


Pete Turnbull

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