WTD: S100 Static RAM card

Jim Stephens jws at jwsss.com
Thu Mar 26 18:08:33 CDT 2015

On 3/26/2015 3:30 PM, Philip Lord wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Well it’s certainly nice to know the Cromemco is also another good option if I want to try DRAM again, but I am feeling that a good SRAM card maybe a safer option, and possibly easier for me to repair if anything goes wrong.
> Thanks for your thoughts
There is an Compupro / Godbout Econoram IV 16k board on fleabay right 
now, and I looked via the sellers link to a page on s100computers.com 
which has a summary of the Econoram boards.

I think if you can find it, you would want a RAM16 or RAM17 board. I had 
a RAM16 in a system at one point and that single board fills a normal 
8080 type S100 system's memory space.   unless you are using a board 
such as the Northstar Disk controller(s) with memory space which is used 
for addressing, you can fill all of the memory.  Other boards that 
consume memory space would be video controllers, or such as the Dazzler, 
or rom boards.

The price of the Econoram IV puts you at 500 bucks for 64k, so that is 
not good, and you probably would be best served with 4 16K boards alike 
for various reasons.  Sometimes they didn't play nice with each other if 
the brands were not the same.


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