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Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Wed Mar 25 20:29:28 CDT 2015

I don't think anybody who had worked for DEC would confuse an 11/23 with 
a microvax.
The reference to RX01's also seems a little odd.
Testing silicon could be a reference to IC's  or the large crystals 
drawn from the melt.

As to being used in house in the UK. Both plants (Ayr and Galway) were 
F,A and T plants
Boards and enclosures came in already built and tested.
They would plug the systems together to suit the customers configureation.
If a board failed it would be sent to Hoofdorf in Holland where they had 
a board level repair facility.
This was mainly for field service swop outs but they did handle F,A and 
T failures.


On 26/03/2015 00:46, Mouse wrote:
>> Yes, I am not quite sure what this machine is either.  [...]
> I offer for your collective consideration my guess that it's a case of
> someone mistaking the label on a panel for the device inside, and the
> system, whatever it is, has acquired mixed labeling.
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