Equipment Available

Jay West jwest at
Wed Mar 25 15:19:15 CDT 2015

This one is in the UK. I am not sure exactly where - waiting on further
response from the owner.

Description I initially received:
PDP11/23, Microvax with a number of boards and a Uni-bus adapter, Q U back
plane plus some documentation.

The RX01 drives passed away many years ago but the main board I think I
still have.

Unfortunately the power supply is dead, and should take swimming lessons in
Maynard Mill pond.

I then received a followup email with the following info:
I {used to work at} a little company then called DEC.

This was a single system used for silicon testing as there is an IEEE bus
interface card.

So this is interesting in that it has a unibus adapter, and an IEEE bus
interface card. And... may have actually been used within DEC (from what he
says above)?

Anyways, further information will not be available until after Easter (it's
being dug out and verified for parts and descriptions). If you're in the UK
and interested, please email me off-list.



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