VCF Southeast 3.0 - Call for exhibitors!

Kyle Owen kylevowen at
Sat Mar 21 23:02:08 CDT 2015

The Atlanta Historical Computing Society and the Computer Museum of America
has been planning a great celebration of the 50th birthday of the PDP-8,
40th of the Altair 8800, and 30th of the Amiga 1000 in Roswel, GA, for the
Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 3.0. However, we need your help in
exhibiting! Last year, we had about 400 people through the doors between
two days. We'd love for you to sign up and bring your hardware to show off
to the Atlanta community.

I'll be there with dueling PDP-8s (/E and /M) playing chess, as well as
taking turns playing Spacewar! on age-appropriate hardware. I'll also show
off my emulated version based around SimH. And that's just at my table!

Steve Lafferty has summed up (quite nicely) the signup process for those
who have not done it before. Check it out!

Here's the link on as well:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Kyle Owen
Member, AHCS

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