Huge IBM 1800 find (and need some help)

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sat Mar 21 14:52:30 CDT 2015

> I can't believe the 907 kg weight, it just DOES NOT make sense!

It makes perfect sense, when you consider that the original spec
was NOT metric.

If somebody said, "It weighs a ton! (figuratively), OR
it was something between 1000 pounds and 3000 pounds,
and ROUNDED to "a ton",
then automated unit conversion, or some idiot that doesn't understand the 
error of adding significant digits to a less significant number, . . .
results in 907 Kg
I'm surprised that they didn't tell you that it weighed 907.18 Kg.

So, figure 1000 Kg, plus or minus 400

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