BASIC Week 4 starts on Saturday

Chris Osborn fozztexx at
Thu Mar 19 13:22:11 CDT 2015

BASIC Week 4 starts on RetroBattlestations on Saturday, March 21st. The program this time around is a Space War inspired turn based game with simple graphics, so it doesn't need a fast computer.

This will be the 4th BASIC Week we've done on RetroBattlestations, the previous two used ASCII graphics, and the first one used simple vector graphics. The challenge is about getting out old computers and doing something with them, in the spirit of the old type-in magazine listings. Usually there a lot of ports to various platforms, although the past programs have been a lot smaller. This will be the largest one yet and might be almost too big to actually type in. While the contest is more about having fun with your old computers, there are prizes. At the end of the week I randomly select five winners and send them their choice of two retro themed vinyl stickers:

So far the only versions of the program are for an Apple II and the original HP 3000 which used terminal graphics. If anyone would like to contribute a another port, that would be awesome! The program is on github, you can find the link here:

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