IBM 5100 Restoration in progress

Christian Corti cc at
Thu Mar 19 09:51:47 CDT 2015

On Thu, 19 Mar 2015, Santo Nucifora wrote:
> It is my understanding that if an A gets printed, the A test completed
> successfully and it is dying at the B test where the last part of the test
> is to print the letter B on screen.

No, first the letter is printed, then the test is started.

> We certainly need a hex dump for the 5100 but I've looked around and found
> nothing.  I don't suppose I can dump my Executable ROS in the condition my
> machine is in.

Shure you can, please just do what I told you. Make a screenshot with 
your camera of the first 512 bytes of the Executable ROS:
>> Could you put the picture on your web site or send me an email? And 
>> please also make the following readable screenshot:
>> 1. Put the machine into single-step mode
>> 2. Press RESTART
>> 4. Make photo

I don't have any further clue without that screenshot.

> Is there a list of the Assembler opcodes I can reference?

Ehm, you did have a look at our web site, don't you?
Navigate to "Programming in machine language --> Opcodes"


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