Old NTSC tricks: 240p?

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"Apparently in the early days of colour TV (I do not know which system)
they were doing closed-
circuit tests. The camera was pointed at a known test subject, the image on
the monitor was
inspected and things were tweaked so it looked OK. One of the test subjects
was a still life of
a bowl of fruit. One day they just could not get a reasonable colour image
no matter how much
they fiddled with the phase shift controls, etc. And then somebody had the
sense to look at the
subject. Some joker had painted the banana blue..."

That story IS true, it happened at NBC while RCA was testing the
preproduction TK-40 cameras at the colonial theater in NYC.

It was a late night test and there had been problems all day with the

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> > On Mar 18, 2015, at 6:25 AM, Tom Watson <tsw-cc at johana.com> wrote:
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> > A discussion about sync rates on a TV signal.
> >
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> > Many of the broadcast standards have been dictated by governments.  I
> believe that the 625/50 standard is "CCIR”
> At one time there were at least four B&W video transmission standards in
> Europe (we had a tube TV with a 4-position selection knob to support
> them).  625/50 regular, 625/50 inverted in some way (?) used by the Dutch
> speaking Belgian stations, 819/50 for France, and a different 819/50 for
> French speaking Belgian stations.
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