Old NTSC tricks: 240p?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Mar 18 11:44:09 CDT 2015

    > From: Michael Holley

    > The French standard is SECAM, which stands for "System Essentially
    > Contrary to American Method"

The French! Don't get me started on the French!

(If there any French people on here, don't worry, you're all forgiven, because
of CYCLADES! For everyone who doesn't know what CYCLADES is: Google it!! These
bits are coming to you via its descendant! :-)

Question: Why is the ATM cell payload 48 bytes?

Clue #1: Multiply 1/c by the largest diameter of France.

Clue #2: What is a camel?


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