Qbus split I&D?

Johnny Billquist bqt at update.uu.se
Mon Mar 16 12:49:53 CDT 2015

On 2015-03-16 18:21, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      > From: Roe Peterson
>      >> (Unless you have an 11/xx with an Able ENABLE board! :-)
>      > What is an ENABLE board?
> That's that thing we had an 'energetic' discussion about a while back; it's a
> board that allows one to put more than 256KB of memory in a UNIBUS machine
> (other than a /44 or /70, which already support more than 256KB - and probably
> the /24 too, too lazy to check).

Yeah, the 11/24 also supports more than 256K.

However, at least the ENABLE board that I used on an 11/34 did not add 
neither split I/D space, nor supervisor mode. Essentially it made the 
11/34 look like an 11/24.


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