DEC manuals: interest to scan it?

Antonio Carlini arcarlini at
Mon Mar 16 09:12:40 CDT 2015

I'd start by searching (by part number) using Manx:

If a manual is available on the net, then manx usually lists it and offers
a link (at least for DEC manuals).
It also lists manuals that are known to exist but are not known to be
available, so you do need to check that it offers a download link (and,
probably) check that the link works.

Whenever I've scanned stuff for bitsavers, I've done so at 600dpi, B&W, G4
encoded, scanned to PDF. Very occasionally a few pages in a manual have had
a photograph, so I've scanned those at 600 dpi 8-bit (greyscale) and
substitued the page if it looks better. I've never found a clever way to do
pages that are mostly B&W but have a small amount of colour (such as some
of the older RSX manuals), so I've defaulted to 300dpi 24-bit colour for
those pages.

Uploading to bitsavers via FTP used to be the method I used to send stuff
in bulk. I suppose these days you could upload to dropbox and offer links
that way.

arcarlini at

On 15 March 2015 at 17:32, shadoooo <shadoooo at> wrote:

> Hello,
> checking on bitsavers for bare presence is not a problem at all...
> I should assume that all the documents widely available on other sites
> (like manx or related links)
> are also on bitsavers?
> I mean, searching on bitsavers and not founding a specific file there is
> enough to assume that the file is unavailable
> and should be scanned?
> Anyway, I would need some advice about the way to transfer scanned files
> (huge unprocessed/uncompressed or
> post-processed to bitmap with level/contrast adaption) to the archive.
> Andrea

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