IBM 5100 Restoration in progress

Ali cctalk at
Sun Mar 15 14:12:26 CDT 2015

> Yes, it is an external tape drive that is very similar to the internal
> drive.  I'm guessing it was touted as doubling the "mass storage" for
> the
> 5100 but it was probably used for backups. Unfortunately, I don't have
> any tapes or documentation and thee is supposed to be a supplemental
> tape that had the utility to make backup tapes.

That is very cool. As far as tapes are concerned any std. DC300 or DC600 tape should work. However, make sure to check for gooified insides on both tape drive mechanisms. I did some googlefu and found the following which may help you:

Not much but a starting point. 

> I'll take some more pics when I clean it up.  I've only ever seen a
> picture of the front online.

That would be great. Even if you can't get it up and running at least we would have some records for posterity.

Congrats on your find! Those machines are rare and when they come up they always sell for way more than I am ready to spend!


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