TRS-80 Model 1 Level 1 repair.

tony duell ard at
Sun Mar 15 11:06:53 CDT 2015

> You mention a technical reference which sounds really useful, is that online somewhere? I had a look on 
> bitsavers and was surprised that there is nothing at all listed under Tandy or under Radio Shack. Manx lists 
> some technical reference manuals, but not for the Model I.

There are a lot of TRS-80 technical manuals and/or service manuals (they contain much the same useful info
like schematics and PCB layouts) on Search for 'radio shack hardware' (no quotes). I am
pretty sure I got the M1 manual from there (I have an original on paper too, the M1 was my second computer and
even back then I wanted schematics!)


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