VAX tests? (Mouse)

John Wallace johnwallace4 at
Sun Mar 15 09:44:24 CDT 2015

[apologies for abuse of list protocol, bit pushed for time, crappy webmail client lazily replying to digest... usual excuses]

In the absence of other suggestions so far:

Brief background: Real VAXes had real diagnostics. MicroVAXes had diagnostics in ROM, or if that wasn't sufficient, the MicroVAX Diagnostic Monitor was available. Readers of the list may know where to get hold of a copy of the MDM; a quick search doesn't find an obvious source.

Moving on: Are you aware of
or similar? Bitsavers is where I found it, e.g.

Does your emulator have a console ROM like the real thing? Does it have any tests in it? The KA630 ROM diags are covered briefly in Chapter 5 of the KA630 Users Guide, e.g. at

A VAX is a VAX, to a large extent, so generic diagnostics (not CPU-specific) might be helpful in some cases. The detailed innards of memory management may not be one of those cases, though there are likely some CPU-independent parts too.

Have a read of the manual(s) above if you haven't done so already, see if you can get hold of a downloadable MDM image, report back?

Best of luck.

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