VAX tests?

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Sat Mar 14 11:27:45 CDT 2015

[Teal deer: I'm looking for generic any-VAX MMU-hardware test code.]

Some of you may recall that I've mentioned, a few times, that I've got
a MicroVAX-II emulator I've been working on.  I think it's most of the
way there - seems to me I'm into the last 10% of the work which takes
the second 90% of the time. :-)

But when I netboot NetBSD and start to run it diskless, I get peculiar
crashes which make me think I'm mis-emulating the MMU somehow.  Basic
operation seems to work fine - cd, ls, and the like - but under
conditions the details of which I haven't pinned down yet, I get
crashes like

pid 65 (install), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core not dumped, err = 14)
panic: pmap_protect: outside P0LR
Stopped in install at   _pmap_protect+0xdf:     movl    $15, r8

I can reproduce it relatively reliably, but it takes about five minutes
to do so.  I'm trying to reduce the test case to something a bit more
manageable, but, in the meantime, I also thought it might be worth
asking after possible thorough test code.  I have some test code, but
it seems to be for bigger machines - 780, 8600, and the like.  I
searched for KA630 and I searched for MicroVAX (case-insensitive); the
former gave no hits and the latter only two.  One MicroVAX hit was a
message in one test saying

H-Floating instructions are not part of the MicroVAX instruction set,
therefore tests 71 - 98 are not executed.

The other was in a .hlp file, describing the use of the ATTACH command:

2 MicroVax
     DS> ATTACH 
     Device type? LESI
     Device link? HUB
     Device name? DAA
     UDAIP?       772150

Collectively, these make me think the tests I have probably predate the
MicroVAX-II.  I'll be trying to get the diagnostic supservisor
netbooted, but it doesn't look designed for netbooting, and it's not
clear to me that any of the tests are sufficiently generic to be of any
use here.

So, while I will be pursuing this on my own, I'd be interested to hear
if anyone has any test code I might be able to get my hands on that's
generic (or uV2-specific) and might indicate what's wrong in a useful
way.  (Useful to a simulator author, that is; "PCRB L from U248 not
getting to U144, or U248/U144 bad" is not useful, whereas "translation
not valid fault is pushing a partially incremented PC" is useful. :-)

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