MicroVax II in original DEC Rack on Ann Arbor MI Craigslist

Tim Thompson tiggerlasv at aim.com
Fri Mar 13 02:01:55 CDT 2015

The BA23 isn't as stripped as mentioned earlier.

The front-panel bezel can be seen laying in the bottom of the rack,
and the back door to the chassis is present, with no empty filler plates.

I've seen photos of the inside of the chassis,
so I have some information on the contents -

The backplane is fully populated with boards -- there are no empty slots.
1.)  Some sort of MicroVAX CPU, with unknown amount of memory.
2.)  2 x Emulex CS02's  (32 serial lines total) with the possibility of the rack-mount bulkheads.
3.)  RQDX3 controller
4.)  TQK50 controller
5.)  DZV11 controller

There is another quad Emulex board (model unknown) as well as an unidentified dual-wide board.
One of these is a pertec controller -- I just don't know which.


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